Goal Achiever Summit – July 29 – 31

I’m so excited!  Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher will be back in Los Angeles for the Goal Achiever Summit July 29 – 31.  I have been listening to and studying Bob Proctor and his take on who we are, what we are capable of for about 10 – 11 years now.

I remember when I first read “You Were Born Rich” by Bob Proctor.  I was simultaneously blown away and completely resonant with the material.  I felt “Of course, this is how it is!”  I felt it. I KNEW it deep down.  I had witnessed myself being the creator of my reality for good and bad.  I had not been deliberate though.

I thought “Aha!  I know now.  In knowing I’ll choose correctly.  I’ll direct my life based on my own deepest desires.”  Seemed simple.  In theory perhaps it is.  If you learn about this and practice this from a young age perhaps it is.  At the time I had unconsciously been practicing the opposite for a long time.

It has become obvious that it takes a concerted effort to create new habits of thought. I continue to study, continue to apply, continue to practice.  Like Bob, I try to be open to new learning.  Like Bob, I work on deepening my understanding.

I’m grateful that Proctor Gallagher Institute has these Live Events.  I’m not able to be at the event in person this time, but will definitely be on the Live Stream. Hope you can join me.  I’d really like to discuss how you are incorporating the teaching into your life as well.

FYI – the banner below is a partner link. If you click through and purchase the Live Stream I’ll receive some $’s (you won’t pay any more though) – Thanks!  I do appreciate it.

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